Free Water Measurement & Detection

By deploying fuel quality monitoring electronics, every fuelling site has the potential to generate fuel quality data. Monitoring fuel quality data is key to maximizing the efficient use of resources. Sensors make it possible to turn data into actionable information. With the most advanced filtration and electronic solutions we can take your preventive maintenance practices to the next level. Our goal is to protect your bulk fuel tanks, equipment and diesel engines by preventing the ingress of harmful contaminants. Our solutions help to deliver clean fuel and maximize the service life of your equipment.


Electronic sensor for the detection of free water in aviation and diesel fuels. The AFGUARD® sensor is qualified for use as an alternative to Chemical Water Detectors (CWD). The AFGUARD® is considered fail-safe and hazardous area (ATEX and IECEx) approved. The sensor system complies with the ISO 13849 standard.

  • Qualified to specification EI 1598 2nd Edition
  • Accepted by Joint Inspection Group (JIG)
  • Recommended by IATA Fuel Quality Pool (IFQP)
  • Required in conjunction with EI 1599 Dirt Defence filter elements
  • Recommended for use downstream of all filtration technologies to verify filter performance

Eliminate uncertainties by installing AFGUARD® and be free to choose from the alternative filtration technologies as they are qualified and endorsed by JIG.


Electronic sensor to distinguish between aviation fuel and water. The SLUGGUARD® enables continuous detection of water in sumps of filter/water separators or in drain points of filter vessels. The high-precision switch is also suitable for small filter housings in the general aviation area.

  • Qualified to EI 1592 specification 1st edition
  • A blue LED light indicates operating or alarm switching states

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